CCTV systems are a crucial component in the security paradigm since they provide video surveillance around the clock. In addition, CCTV systems not only serve to deter physical burglars but also records crimes in real time. At QAWI CORNER, we assist businesses and homeowners in selecting the most suitable close-circuit television system based on the setup and characteristics of a particular home or business.


Notably, we continue to receive positive feedback from our CCTV clients. This is partly because our company gives preference to the customer’s needs, as opposed to the optimization of the company’s profits and revenue. In addition, our CCTV products and services allow businesses and homes to operate uninterrupted throughout the day.

We offer CCTV systems from the best in the industry:



Qawi Corner (QC)







Our systems offer you a variety of features to enhance the surveillance and monitoring of any facility. The technological capabilities of our security cameras include:


  • Smart Camera
  • Analog and IP camera solutions
  • High definition resolution
  • Motion-activated light and sound deterrence
  • Night vision technology

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