Company policies are basically written rules and obligations that companies are required to follow under the law. The Security policy is especially vital in protecting the personal data of people that is held by a given company. Violations of security policies by companies carry serious ramifications including federal prosecution and the suspension of business transactions.


We understand that the content of policy documents varies from one company to the other since the products and services offered by companies are never entirely similar so we make sure that we design the perfect policy to suite your exact needs and protect your assets.


Some of the policies we make includes:  

  • Information Classification Security Policy 
  • Minimum Access Policy 
  • Network Access Policy 
  • Remote Access Policy 
  • Acceptable Encryption Policy 
  • Web Server Security Policy 
  • Extranet Policy 
  • Application Service Provider Policy 
  • Authentication Credentials Policy 
  • Application Container Policy 
  • Database Credential Coding Policy 
  • Database Execution Environment Policy 
  • Highly Sensitive Application Server Policy 
  • Inter-process Communication Policy 
  • Internet DMZ Equipment Policy 
  • DMZ Application Server Policy 
  • Internet DMZ Web Entitlement Policy 
  • DMZ Lab Security Policy 
  • Account Access Request Policy 
  • Acquisition Assessment Policy 
  • Audit Policy 
  • Risk Assessment Policy 
  • Wireless Policy 
  • Lab Anti-virus Policy 
  • Internal Lab Security Policy 
  • Email Security Policy 

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